The College and Career program at EBC is an exciting group for anyone who is beginning a career or studying through college. Whatever your area of study, your career path, or your direction in life, you are likely to find someone in this group who is experiencing a similar walk as yours. This group is led by Sydnee Holcomb (Pastor Justin's wife) as well as Dom and Shauna D'Agostino. EBC's college and career students desire to be "ROOTED":

Are you Rooted?

     1. Rooted in Christ (A true and growing relationship with Jesus Christ is the highest priority of all groups at EBC. Once life on planet earth is over, your relationship with Christ and what you did to invest in His Kingdom is all that will matter.)

     2. Rooted in His Word (Students are rooted in God's Word on Sunday mornings at 9:30AM.)

     3. Rooted in His Church (Each student is expected and challenged to invest in what God is doing at Eastwood. These students can be seen singing in the choir, working with the Audio/Video Team, serving in the youth department and children's ministries, and serving in other roles around our campus.)
     4. Rooted in Each Other (College and Career students like to have fun fellowshipping with one another. They usually hang out on a weekly basis as each student's schedule permits.)
     5. Rooted in the Community (This group is all about going outside the walls of the church and making a difference in the world around them. Come be a part of making our world a better place by joining with the Rooted group at EBC.)