It's not easy being a middle school student. It's that tough age where students are literally making the shift from childhood to their teenage years. The decisions and choices are critical and the stress is enormous. We all have such busy schedules with studies, sports, and extra curricular activities - IT CAN be chaotic!
     S.H.I.F.T. is a place where you can be yourself, take a breath, and relax. It's a safe environment where you can draw closer to God, study His Word and learn more about what it means to grow spiritually. In a society where peer pressure is pushing us all to make bad choices, it's good to know we have a group of friends who are trying to make the right choices.

     At S.H.I.F.T. the leaders have been where you are. They have faced many of the same problems and they are here to help you through. Together, we can all make the shift!