What is wrong with Bruce Jenner? The same thing that is wrong with you and me. He is a sinner who needs Jesus Christ. Apart from Christ, there is no good within any of us for the Bible describes our righteousness as filthy rags in Isaiah 64:6. Everyone seems to be weighing in on Bruce Jenner’s recent and disgusting transformation, so I have decided to do the same. As I have seen his “female”, if you can call him a female, pictures posted on the tabloids and all over the internet, one thought consistently comes to my mind. “What a shame.” Bruce Jenner has accomplished some great things in his life, most notably his Gold Medal and breaking of the decathlon World Record in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is another individual who was blessed with great talents, who is given a platform to change lives for the good, and finds himself searching for satisfaction in all the wrong places. His life has led him to a place of open shame. This is a place where he may find applause on this side of eternity, but the God who created  him looks down on him in shame as he has disgraced himself, all men and women, and God.

Bruce Jenner has brought shame to himself…

                With all the fame, the money, and the success Bruce Jenner has found in this life, one would think he would be happy with himself. You would think that he would be satisfied with where his life has been and where it is now. His recent experimentation with “playing God” by trying to recreate his gender is a loud example of the unhappiness and dissatisfaction he is experiencing in his life. By attempting to transform himself into a woman, he has simply shown the world how little he thinks of himself. Yes, many will say that God created him this way and that Bruce is just following the path that God has laid out for his life. Nothing can be further from the truth. God created Bruce Jenner to be Bruce Jenner, not Caitlyn Jenner. God created Bruce Jenner in the image of Himself to enter into a relationship with a woman, marry her, and thus express the love of God to His creation by experiencing a loving relationship with his wife.  How did a man of fame become so unhappy with life? How did a man who experienced glory and honor for his country in the Olympic Games end up bringing shame to himself, his family, and his country? He failed to find satisfaction in the right place. We all are searching for purpose, for meaning, for happiness, and satisfaction. All these things will remain absent from our lives as long as Jesus is absent from our lives. The more Jesus is erased from our minds and our nation, the more we see people dissatisfied with life and what goes on around them. If you want to be happy with yourself, you must exit a life filled with guilt, condemnation, and failed attempts at success. The only way to do such a thing is to enter into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ by which every sin, every guilt, every judgment is erased. Rom 8:1There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” Bruce may appear to be satisfied and pleased when he is in the spotlight, but if he was honest he would tell you that he is still empty on the inside. If he is honest, he would tell you that the shame of sin has got a hold on him and won’t let go. He would admit to you that this transformation is an attempt to leave all the shame behind and find acceptance. Bruce, the only way to be accepted and to erase the shame you have brought upon yourself is to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. As you do this, you will experience acceptance from the God of glory who will make you sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

Bruce Jenner has brought shame to all men and women…

                Arguably, the saddest part of Bruce Jenner’s transformation is that a lot of people will applaud him for what he has done. However, if one would take the time to consider his actions they would find themselves disgusted with the way Bruce’s actions have spoken. By attempting to be a female, Bruce has brought shame to the male gender. He has explained to men that it is ok to be more feminine than masculine. He has expressed that the world doesn’t need men. I believe that the world needs men now more than ever. It needs men who will step up to the plate and exercise the responsibilities that God ordained for them to exercise. Homes all over the world are falling apart because men have failed to be men. They have failed to be husbands, fathers, providers, and protectors. The transformation that needs to occur is men need to transform themselves into what God has called them to be, MEN. On another note, Bruce’s actions have displayed to the world that anybody can be a woman. Just for the record, it takes a special human being to carry out the roles of a woman. It takes someone compassionate, strong, and nurturing to give birth to and to raise up a child. It takes someone who is selfless to create an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and support in the home. In Metropolis, it is common to hear the phrase, “This sounds like a job for Superman!” Well, being a woman sounds like a job for a woman, not us men. Men should stick to being what God has created them to be and leave the roles of the female up to her. The female is without a doubt the most beautiful creation that God has ever made. Attempting to recreate the male into the female distorts this beauty with sin and wickedness on a completely different level.  It brings shame to both men and women. The only way to escape this shame is for men and women everywhere to rise up and carry out their gender roles described in Genesis 1 & 2 and in Ephesians 5.

Bruce Jenner has brought shame to God…

                Bruce’s actions show us just what he thinks about God. It appears to me that Bruce believes that God does not know what He is doing. It appears that Bruce thinks he knows more than God and that the God of the Bible is not omniscient. Society’s acceptance and applause of Bruce’s actions show that a lot of people agree with these reprobate opinions of God. Surely if the God of the Bible can create the universe in six days and make all of it operate in unison without error, He can create those who reside in it without error as well. God makes no mistakes, and He certainly did not make a mistake when He created Bruce Jenner. The mistakes have always been made by humanity. They have always been a product of choice.  The problem is when we try to justify our mistakes and place the blame on God rather than on the ones who deserve the blame. Such actions bring God to an open shame. My prayer every morning is that I would not do anything that would bring shame to God. Without a doubt, I do things every day that are displeasing to Him. Even though I am saved, I am still human. And since I am still human, I am still going to sin. However, I strive to make sure that my sins do not bring shame to my Creator. Bruce has ignored the holiness of God. He has shown how unconcerned he is with what people think about the Creator. This has brought shame to God, and as a result should infuriate anyone who serves Him. I will not stand by when someone openly offends my God. He deserves for us to stand up for Him because He took the greatest stand for us on top of Mt. Calvary. God still offers reconciliation to anyone who has offended Him, which is all of us who have ever lived. Romans 3:23 teaches us that we have all fall short of God’s glory. This means that everyone of us have offended God in some fashion. The good news is found in Romans 10:13, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” This “whosever” includes everyone who has fallen short. It includes everyone who has missed the mark, everyone who have offended God. It includes everyone who has ever lived.

                All of this shame can be erased with a transformation of a different kind. Not necessarily a physical transformation, but a greater transformation. This shame can be taken away if we allow Jesus to come into our lives and transform us from the inside out. We need more people to experience that spiritual transformation that Jesus offers today. He will clean out all the mess on the inside and thus clean up all the mess on the outside. Stop looking for a change in all the wrong places. Stop looking to be satisfied with what you can do for yourself and learn to become satisfied with what God can do for you. Allow Him to change you into something beautiful and glorifying. He is the only one who can do something such as this with a sinful people such as ourselves.  What is wrong with Bruce Jenner? He needs to be transformed….again. But this time, he doesn’t need to conform to the world. He needs to be transformed through the unconditional grace of God.

Romans 12:1-2 “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.  (2)  And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

reneelear 1019 days ago
Amen Pastor Justin! Thank you so much for standing firm for our King.